The debut novel by Northumbrian based author Sue Reed It's spring 2020 and 15 year old Molly McFlynn is uprooted from town life by her mam to live with her bohemian grandparents in rural Northumberland. Molly is furious, her friends abandon her, the food is indedible and her grandmother is doing strange things in the garden at night. Life takes a new direction when she meets a girl in the woods. who appears to be on the run. Martha is from the seventeenth century, and has lived a life on the edge of society. She is fleeing from the witch finder, and the men who have hurled her mother Ann Watson into the dungeons in Newcastle. As Molly's relationship with Martha grows, Molly reconciles with her true self, develops a love of nature, and moves away from her consumerist lifestyle However as Covid strikes, and a local witch hunt takes place, Martha's is not the only life in danger. Molly must stand up for what is right, help heal her family rifts, and come to the rescue in a moment of peril

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